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8 Winter Beauty Tips

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8 Winter Beauty Tips
  • Go Easy on Concealer: Concealer can settle into fine lines, especially under the eyes and magnify dryness. Try using a tinted moisturizer as concealer instead.
  • Invest in a Blender Sponge: Foundation will look much better with this little sponge. Beauty Blender Sponges can be found at your local drug store, Walmart, Target or Sephora and Ulta. Simply wet the sponge with warm water to blend foundation. The sponge will help to blend and thin out the foundation more a more natural look so it doesn’t look “cakey”.
  • Add Humidity: Invest in a good humidifier for the winter months for dewey, moist skin. Hydrated, moist skin looks more youthful and your makeup will look better too!
  • Use Products with Hyaluronic Acid: Be sure to look for skin care products that contain Hyaluronic acid which plumps up the skin and will help to retain moisture.
  • Moisturize When Skin is Wet: As soon as you get out of the shower, apply moisturizer. When skin is wet the moisturizer will penetrate the skin better and allow it to sink more deeply into the skin.
  • Try Cream or Gel Based Products: Skin will look more youthful and dewy if you switch out those powder shadows and blushes for cream or gel based ones.
  • Wash Hair Less Often: Don’t wash hair every day, as it can dry out hair. Less humidity is great for good hair days but hair can become more dry in winter. Ditch those shampoos that contain sulfates which dry and strip natural oils and think about adding an oil to your hair regimen. Apply oil to dry ends. There are many great oils available at your local hair salons or beauty stores.
  • Don’t Forget The Sunscreen: Be sure to use a sunscreen daily, as harmful rays of the sun can still do damage during the winter months. Many creams, moisturizers and foundations have sunscreen in them. Think of it as preventative maintenance!

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