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For men who are looking for a more complete body enhancement, we offer comprehensive procedures like a Daddy Do-Over.

What is a Daddy Do-Over?

A Daddy Do-Over is a full-scale cosmetic enhancement procedure that combines various procedures in order to help rejuvenate and restore a man’s entire appearance. Typically, the procedure combines a variety of different procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, to address issues that commonly affect men who are fathers or older in age.

The Daddy Do-Over is the male counterpart to the popular Mommy Make-Over procedure, which is geared towards mothers who have experienced any combination of pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and overall weight fluctuations and hormonal changes that can affect the way their body looks, feels, and functions. 

Using a combination of procedures and carefully customized techniques, we can address issues like excess fat, loose skin, round features, and signs of aging in men who may have recently become fathers or have raised children well into young adulthood.

Connecticut Daddy Do-over procedure

Why Consider a Daddy Do-Over?

Of course, not everyone experiences changes the same way, and how things affect the body will vary greatly for everyone. A Daddy Do-Over may not be necessary for every man who has become or is considering becoming a father, but it can often help to address issues that commonly affect parents. 

In addition to often getting less sleep and sometimes less time to care for their skin or overall appearance, new parents often find that they gain weight or that exercise isn’t as high of a priority as taking care of their family.

While men may not experience physical changes when their partner becomes pregnant, it is not uncommon for men to develop a different lifestyle during fatherhood and once they become older that may impact their appearance and change what they see when they look in the mirror. Male contouring procedures like a Daddy Do-Over can help turn back the clock and address issues like:

  • Skin laxity
  • Diminished muscle tightness
  • Excess skin, fat, and tissue in the waistline or flanks
  • Loss of definition in the chest
  • Male breasts (gynecomastia)
  • Wrinkles, loose skin, or other signs of aging in the face
  • Changes to the facial features

What Can I Expect From a Daddy Do-Over?

At the Aesthetic Center in Fairfield County Daddy Do-Over is a customized treatment plan that will likely vary slightly for each patient, so it can be difficult to discuss what you may expect without first scheduling a consultation with one of our expert Connecticut plastic surgeons. In general, however, some of the most popular procedures included in a Daddy Do-Over are:

  • Facial procedures, such as a facelift, jaw or chin implants, blepharoplasty, and more.
  • Body contouring, such as gynecomastia correction, liposuction, chest sculpting, and more.
  • Non-surgical solutions, like injectable fillers to enhance areas of lost volume or sagging skin.

Recovering from a Daddy Do-Over Procedure

The recovery following a Daddy Do-Over will also vary based on your unique experience. The extent of treatment, as well as the procedures used to achieve the desired results, will impact the recovery period and how long you should expect to be healing. 

Typically, patients can plan to take up to four weeks off work and overall responsibilities to allow them to heal properly and comfortably. Heavy lifting, strenuous activity, and certain activities should likely be avoided for at least several weeks, if not several months. This is something you should consider if you have small children that will need care throughout this time. 

After a Daddy Do-Over Fairfield County patients can expect recovery to take around three to six weeks. It is common to experience swelling, bruising, and tenderness after cosmetic surgery and your surgeon may prescribe medication to alleviate the pain.

Men & Plastic Surgery

When it comes to plastic surgery, it is a field dominated by mostly female patients, with most procedures geared towards female facial and body enhancement treatments. While it is true that women make up the majority of plastic surgery patients, this is often due to the stigma many men face when it comes to aesthetic enhancements and overall beauty treatments. As it becomes more and more popular for men to take care of their skin and appearance, plastic surgery procedures for men are also growing in popularity among patients of all ages.

When considering any type of face or body enhancement procedure, especially for men, it is important to look into finding a qualified, experienced, and personable plastic surgeon who will work closely with you to understand your unique needs. Since not everyone may be an ideal candidate for plastic surgery and some may be better suited for certain procedures than others, talking about your eligibility and ability to undergo cosmetic enhancement is often the best way to begin. In Darien and the surrounding communities in Fairfield County, CT, we offer surgical and non-invasive procedures for men to patients who are in good general health and want to discuss the possibilities they have to help address aesthetic imperfections or common signs of aging.

Scheduling a Consultation for Daddy Do-Over in Darien

The first step you can take towards a new you is finding the right plastic surgeon for you and scheduling a consultation. In Darien, CT, patients often turn to The Aesthetic Center for their cosmetic surgery needs.

We offer our services to patients in Fairfield County and the surrounding areas and will work closely with you to understand your unique needs and devise a treatment plan that will help deliver the best possible results. To learn more about the services we offer and whether a Daddy Do-Over is right for you, call The Aesthetic Center Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa at (203) 656-9999!

If you are considering plastic surgery in Fairfield County or anywhere in Connecticut, contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our expert plastic surgeons.

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