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“Dr. Passaretti did my breast augmentation and I love the results. I had a biopsy done on one breast and it caused one breast to shrink. One breast was almost non-existent and the other was an AA. I am now a solid B cup and look great and feel great. He had to use 2 different sized implants but they are well-matched now. He described the surgery ahead of time and also discussed what happened during the procedure once it was completed since I was curious about how he determined what size was best.”

Mary Beth W.

“Dr. Newman was extremely attentive to my wishes. He is very experienced at what he does. He is able to notice details that are not as obvious to the untrained eye. He was extremely polite and anticipated all my needs and concerns. Dr. Newman and his staff were always very courteous and professional. Dr. Newman discussed with me all my options before the procedure and was always concerned about maintaining a natural look while giving me what I had hoped for. The entire process was very easy from start to finish.”

Daniel S.

“I would highly recommend Dr. Passaretti, he is pleasant, professional, and caring. He is very patient, answered all of my questions in detail. He is also very punctual, never more than a five-minute wait for my appointments. I am extremely pleased with my results. The staff is amazing, so kind & willing to help.”

Debbie K.

“I had Rhinoplasty with Dr. Newman almost 2 months ago. I chose Dr. Newman because of his experience, expertise, and artistry, a must for Rhinoplasty. It was very important for me to choose a surgeon who performs Rhinoplasty on a routine basis. I am healing well and am so very happy with the results.”

Donna S.

“When my husband and I interviewed Dr. Passaretti prior to a preventative double mastectomy due to my very high risk of breast cancer, we joked that he looked a little “too perfect.” We had just moved back from Los Angeles, and we regarded him as “very LA.” Then we reflected on my age (40), and how these reconstruction results will hopefully have to last me near half a century. “Let’s go with perfectionism!” we said. We couldn’t be happier with the experience.”

Elizabeth G.

“I treated myself to a full-depth laser resurfacing to remove sun damage and ugly wrinkles. Four weeks later and my new skin looks amazing, so much so that a friend asked if I’d had a facelift. The procedure caused minimal pain and I did not need any pain medication. Dr. Passaretti is wonderful!”

Fenella P.

“I was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2017. Dr. Passaretti operated on me in January along with my oncologist Mandy Greenberg. Dr. Greenberg did a lumpectomy (and got all of cancer!) then Dr. Passaretti took over. He performed a reduction and a lift. The entire experience has been great. I had very little pain, the recovery went well, and the results are awesome! Dr. Passaretti was kind, understanding, and professional throughout the entire process. I highly recommend him!”

Holly D.

“I had a great experience with Dr. Newman. After having my lower eyelids done by him a few years ago, it was time for another rejuvenation – I wanted a laser resurfacing treatment. The procedure went exactly as Dr. Newman had promised it would. He had explained the pre-op and post-op care to me as did his wonderful nurse. I look fantastic – the healing took the amount of time the doctor had said it would. My friends ask if I’ve been on vacation and say that I look ten years younger.”

Hope S.

“Dr. Newman is AWESOME. He is kind, caring, and compassionate. As a surgeon, he is second to none. He restored my daughter’s nose and face after another surgeon had operated on her virtually destroying both. She now looks more beautiful than ever. In addition, he performed a facelift on my wife who now looks just like she did when I first met her. He has operated on several of our friends performing breast augmentation on one and a “mommy makeover”/ tummy tuck on another.”

James W.

“I’ve had a few procedures performed by Dr. Passaretti. I am always very pleased with the results. He is very easy to talk to and really listens to you. He makes you feel like you are his only patient and never rushes you out. He is a very skilled surgeon and has an artistic eye of the female body. I would definitely recommend his practice to anyone who wants an easy laid-back doctor with excellent qualifications.”

Laura M.

“I have had 2 different procedures with Dr. Newman over the last 10 years and am extremely satisfied with the outcome and would highly recommend him. The most recent was a rhinoplasty to correct an injury from a childhood accident. I am only a couple of months into the healing process and am already so happy with the results. I can’t wait to see what it will look like when totally healed. The aesthetic surgery center is an extremely clean and organized facility. The staff is very professional, friendly, and accommodating. I have rarely had to wait more than a couple minutes for appointments and they are very flexible with availability.”

Lauren S.

“Dr. Otake came to my rescue at Stamford Hospital Emergency Room. I was attacked and bitten on my upper middle lip by a dog. (Lg. Grey Hound). The Doctor came after his regular job to my assistance. He was wonderful, I was treated and received Plastic Surgery (stitches, etc.). I am returning for my next appointment to see him.”

Robin K.

“Dr. Passaretti is wonderful! He is a perfectly professional physician and a real artist. I am a rather nervous patient but he put me at ease and was clear in his explanations. I am extremely pleased with my results.”

Lilla T.

“Dr. Passaretti is amazing. He changed my life. I couldn’t be happier with how my tummy tuck and lipo of the midsection turned out. I went in for surgery in December 2017 and today is my 3-month checkup. He takes his time to make sure all of your concerns are answered and that you always feel at ease. My body looks beyond hot! He is a god! His work is excellent and I highly recommend him for cosmetic procedures. His staff is also very professional and accommodating. So happy that I had Dr. Passaretti perform my tummy tuck. I couldn’t have asked for a better Doctor.”

Nadia G.

“Do not look forward to what might happen tomorrow with anxiety, while having any kind of aesthetic procedure with Fredric Newman, MD. Specifically, an aggressive laser resurfacing cleared my face of cysts, blackheads, and whiteheads while a full facelift smoothed up my facial jowls and a sagging neckline. The results of these experiences are personally very pleasing and make me very happy—great confidence builders. Be at peace and put aside all anxious thoughts and imaginations while under the care of Dr. Fredric Newman.”

Nancy H.

“I came to Dr. Newman for authentic results and I am not disappointed! I love my rhinoplasty, the people in the office, and of course, Dr. Newman himself. The process was effortless and easy. Recovery was simple. Dr. Newman called me the night of my surgery and checked in the first year of my surgery. I did a lot of research before selecting Dr. Newman for this life-altering surgery and I picked the right person for me. Go for the consult and see if he’s a great fit for you!”

Nicole S.

“Being diagnosed with breast cancer was life-altering. I was extremely fortunate to have had Dr. Passaretti referred to me for my reconstruction. He and his entire staff are extremely compassionate, supportive, knowledgeable, and patient. Dr. P’s confidence ahead of each of my surgeries was extremely reassuring and comforting. He was very thorough in explaining each of the surgeries, all options I had, and the anticipated results. The results are exactly as he promised, amazing. Thank you, Dr P and crew! I am forever grateful!”

Patricia N.

“I could not be more pleased with the outcome of the procedures and the steps taken by Dr. Newman and his staff in helping me to achieve the goals we set together. Dr. Newman is the model of professionalism. He combined the science of surgery with the art of sculpture to achieve the cosmetic result that I sought. Unlike my prior experience, elsewhere, there was little or no need for postoperative intervention.”

Peggy B.

“Dr. Passaretti and his team are superb. From always keeping appointments on time, to supporting you all the way through your procedures with wonderful support. I had 3 surgeries at Dr. Passaretti’s own operating suite, which is smart and spotless and a great place to have surgery – it is all made very easy. Whenever I mentioned Dr. Passaretti to my other Dr.’s, they said he is the best!”

Sarah E.

“Dr. Newman is a brilliant plastic surgeon. He has the ability to create a nose that perfectly fits the face. When I decided to get my nose done I researched surgeons for over a year before finding Dr. Newman. I couldn’t find another plastic surgeon with his credentials and experience. He is by far the best. I’m one-month post-surgery and couldn’t be happier with the results! It looks so natural!! Don’t trust just anyone with your face!! It takes a very skilled and talented surgeon to do what he does. I would recommend Dr. Newman for anyone looking to get their nose done. Thank you so much!”

Stefanie P.

“I cannot recommend Dr. Passaretti enough! He and his team took the time to explain the procedure in great detail as well as what to expect regarding recovery. I never felt rushed when asking questions and was put completely at ease before my procedure. I could not be happier with the results and would do it again in a heartbeat. Best of the best!”

— Noel G.

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