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Post Weight Loss Facial Rejuvenation

Congratulations! You've achieved your weight loss goals thanks to the latest advancements in injectable medications. Medications like semaglutide (sold under the brand names Ozempic and Wegovy) and tirzepatide (Mounjaro) have revolutionized weight management, helping countless individuals reach a healthier weight [...]

Posted on: Apr 18 2024

FAQs: Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty has come a long way since its inception, and the field of plastic surgery has witnessed remarkable advancements, leading to more precise and less invasive techniques. One such innovation is a technique known as Ultrasonic Rhinoplasty, a procedure that can provide those seeking nose enhancements with minimal downtime [...]

Posted on: Sep 25 2023

Complications of CoolSculpting: Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia

A very rare complication of non-invasive fat reduction procedures like cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting, Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) causes the opposite of the intended result. Rather than a reduction of fat cells, there is an unexpected increase in both their size and quantity, resulting in the enlargement of [...]

Posted on: May 15 2023

Face Procedures Blog Posts

Neck lift surgery can be performed to reduce excess wrinkling of the neck skin, minimize the appearance of a double chin, and address the neck cording or banding that develops with age. At the practice of Dr. Fredric Newman, we can perform neck lift surgery on qualified candidates. To find out if you are a [...]

Posted on: Jul 5 2018


Dr. Fredric Newman’s Credentials

Dr. Fredric Newman’s Credentials Practicing out of his convenient location in Darien, Connecticut right outside of New York, Dr. Fredric Newman is an elite cosmetic surgeon who attracts patients from across the U.S. and around the world in part due to his impeccable credentials. Take a look below at some of the highlights of his [...]

Posted on: Jun 27 2018


Cosmetic Treatments for the Chin

When the facial features are well-proportioned and balanced, people don’t usually pay much attention to the chin. However, all it takes is a chin that is too prominent or one that lacks structure for someone to realize just how big a role the chin plays in creating ideal facial contours. The chin balances out the [...]

Posted on: Jun 6 2018


Neck Lift Candidates

Neck lift surgery can be performed to reduce excess wrinkling of the neck skin, minimize the appearance of a double chin, and address the neck cording or banding that develops with age. At the practice of Dr. Fredric Newman, we can perform neck lift surgery on qualified candidates. To find out if you are a [...]

Posted on: May 5 2018


Exploring the Benefits of Microdermabrasion

When it comes to skin treatments, microdermabrasion is one of the most affordable, least invasive procedures available. Designed to minimize fine lines and pores, microdermabrasion can address a wide array of skin conditions. Dr. Fredric Newman offers this treatment at our Darien, CT plastic surgery practice. Today, we will discuss the benefits of microdermabrasion and [...]

Posted on: Apr 5 2018


What to Expect during Your Brow Lift Recovery

By Dr. Fredric Newman on March 05, 2018 The eyebrows and forehead are often the first areas of the face to exhibit signs of aging. If you have deep creases, sagging skin, or droopy eyebrows, a brow lift can smooth and contour the upper third of your face for a vibrant, more youthful appearance. At [...]

Posted on: Mar 5 2018


Eyelid Surgery Aftercare

The skin surrounding the eyes is very delicate, so it is not uncommon for patients to notice their first lines, wrinkles, and creases around the upper and lower eyelids. Because this skin is particularly thin, it also tends to lose its elasticity pretty early. The most effective way to reverse these signs of aging is [...]

Posted on: Feb 5 2018


BOTOX® Injections vs Dysport™: Comparing Cosmetic Injectables

While facial plastic surgery procedures can achieve excellent results, more and more people are turning to non-surgical alternatives to improve their appearance. That helps explain the popularity of cosmetic injectable treatments at our Darien, CT practice. Two popular options for injectable wrinkle-reduction are Dysport™ and BOTOX® injections. Let’s take a moment to compare the two [...]

Posted on: Jan 16 2018


Assessing Rhinoplasty Candidates and Potential Results

Dr. Fredric Newman is an expert in rhinoplasty, having helped countless patients achieve their ideal noses by addressing their aesthetic concerns. His advanced training and extensive experience make him the plastic surgeon of choice for patients in need of ethnic rhinoplasty or revision rhinoplasty, two highly specialized areas of practice that require particular skill and [...]

Posted on: Sep 6 2017


Remove Droopy Skin with Upper Eyelid Surgery

A person’s eyes can say a lot about them, or at least that’s what most people seem to believe. Unfortunately, common signs of aging, such as loose skin, puffiness, and sagging may be sending others the wrong message. When the skin around the eyes appears puffy and droopy, it can make a person appear tired [...]

Posted on: Aug 17 2017

Posted on: Apr 5 2017


All The Details of Girls Beauty Night

We are thrilled to be part of an evening that has been months in the making! Andrew Stefanou Salon & Spa is hosting a “Spring Fever Girls Beauty (and fashion) Night” on April 5th from 6 pm till 9 pm at their salon and spa, so be sure to mark it down on your calendar, [...]

Posted on: Mar 22 2017


Healing Times for Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

The team at our Darien cosmetic surgery center places a great deal of emphasis on post-operative care. In essence, surgical skill can help patients achieve excellent results, but proper healing and recovery helps ensure that these ideal results come to fruition. This is why we offer detailed instructions on post-op care to patients who undergo [...]

Posted on: Feb 21 2017


Facial Plastic Surgery and Smoking

Smoking can cause the skin to wrinkle prematurely, leaving many smokers interested in surgical options to rejuvenate their appearance. Facial plastic surgery treatments are a great option to reverse the hands of time, reducing the appearance of fine lines and deep creases.However, facial plastic surgery and smoking aren’t a good combination. Darien, CT plastic surgeon [...]

Posted on: Feb 7 2017


Exercise After Facial Plastic Surgery: A Patient Timeline

After undergoing any kind of surgical procedure, your first priority should be getting proper rest. Taking time off from work and avoiding strenuous physical activity allows your body to fully heal as soon as possible. Patients at our Darien facial cosmetic surgery center are given ample instructions for post-operative care to ensure proper healing. Most [...]

Posted on: Jan 21 2017


Facial Plastic Surgery: How Much Time to Take Off from Work?

Patients can trust in the team at our Darien cosmetic plastic surgery practice. We offer advanced anti-aging and wrinkle reduction procedures, including advanced facial cosmetic surgery. These procedures can help you look years younger and more invigorated. These surgeries are effective, but it’s important that patients commit themselves to resting and recovery for the best [...]

Posted on: Jan 6 2017


How Sun Exposure Affects Facial Plastic Surgery Results

People who come to our Darien practice know that we have a strong reputation for great facial cosmetic surgery results. We focus on performing safe and effective surgery that emphasizes things patients can do pre-op and post-op to improve the results. Following a facial procedure of any kind, it’s important that patients avoid sun exposure. [...]

Posted on: Dec 20 2016


Rhinoplasty and Nostril Reshaping: What to Expect

The people of Darien know they will receive ample information about their cosmetic surgery needs during their visit to our practice. We provide all of our patients with detailed facts about their surgical options and non-surgical options, empowering them to make smart choices about surgery. When it comes to rhinoplasty (nose job), there are plenty [...]

Posted on: Dec 6 2016


How Long Will My Facial Plastic Surgery Results Last

Board-certified plastic surgeon Fredric Newman believes that establishing honest, open lines of communication with his patients is essential to achieving the best possible results through facial cosmetic surgery. From the initial consultation onward, he strives to foster a relationship of mutual trust and respect so that patients will feel comfortable asking questions and raising concerns, [...]

Posted on: Dec 6 2016


8 Winter Beauty Tips

Go Easy on Concealer: Concealer can settle into fine lines, especially under the eyes and magnify dryness. Try using a tinted moisturizer as concealer instead. Invest in a Blender Sponge: Foundation will look much better with this little sponge. Beauty Blender Sponges can be found at your local drug store, Walmart, Target or Sephora and [...]

Posted on: Nov 22 2016


The Most Popular Facial Plastic Surgery Procedures

Deep lines and wrinkles, drooping skin, or ill proportioned features can leave many patients feeling insecure about their appearance. Facial cosmetic surgery procedures can address the unique needs of each patient, including smoothing lines, lifting loose skin, or enhancing the features, to rejuvenate the appearance and create facial symmetry. During patient consultations, Dr. Fredric Newman [...]

Posted on: Nov 9 2016


Bridge Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty can address many cosmetic nasal issues, and even correct certain breathing issues, to enhance the appearance and improve quality of life. For those who are unhappy with aesthetic issues affecting the nasal bridge, like bumps, depressions, or even crookedness, bridge rhinoplasty may be able to help. Bridge rhinoplasty targets the nasal bridge, the bony [...]

Posted on: Oct 21 2016


Are You a Candidate for Facial Plastic Surgery

If you’re unhappy with the appearance of deep facial lines and wrinkles, or you wish to improve the proportions of your features, facial plastic surgery may be right for you. Facial cosmetic surgery treatments diminish the appearance of lines and wrinkles, create facial balance, and enhance the overall appearance. Dr. Fredric Newman offers a range [...]

Posted on: Oct 13 2016


Prepare for Fall and Winter with Cosmetic Skin Damage Repair

Fall and winter may be a wonderful time for cozying up next to a warm fire, but the colder temperatures can wreak havoc on your skin. The cold, dry air is only partially to blame for skin damage during this time of year. Frequent hot showers, hours in front of a warm fire, and blaring [...]

Posted on: Oct 7 2016


Blend Your Way To Glowing Skin

We know that good skin always starts from within. Yes, using good products on your skin is essential, but so is what you put in your body. Eating right, staying out of the sun, and getting enough sleep are definitely keys to good skin as well, but all that can be cancelled out by what [...]

Posted on: Sep 27 2016


Is Facelift Surgery Right for Me

As people age, they may look in the mirror and see an outer reflection that doesn’t match the way they feel on the inside. The signs of aging on the face and neck can make a person appear tired, unhappy, and worn down. Although there are many products that promise to reverse the signs of [...]

Posted on: Sep 27 2016


The Lower Eyelid Surgery Technique: How It Works

People in Darien, Connecticut and Scarsdale, New York have come to our practice knowing we have a strong reputation for results. By offering the latest in anti-aging and wrinkle reduction techniques, we can give patients that more invigorated and refreshed look that they have always wanted to have. One great option for enhancing a person’s [...]

Posted on: Sep 13 2016


Five Helpful Liposuction Recovery Tips

Liposuction is one of the most popular procedures in all of plastic surgery; indeed, in 2015 alone, it was the second most frequently performed procedure, with more than 222,000 procedures performed according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This is hardly surprising given that liposuction is also one of the safest and least invasive [...]

Posted on: Sep 6 2016


Beauty Trade Secrets Experts Love

You eat healthy and maintain a good weight, your skin is glowing by using all the right anti-aging products, and your hair is looking salon perfect — now what? Maybe you are heading out for date night, a formal function, or just running around town. We provide you with aesthetic services and procedures to look [...]

Posted on: Aug 29 2016


Refresh Your Appearance with Treatment for Crow’s Feet

The cosmetic market is flooded with products that promise to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Unfortunately, these products aren’t effective because they fail to address the underlying cause of facial wrinkles, such as overuse of the facial muscles. The facial muscles contract to make facial expressions. Repeated over time, these contractions will eventually result in [...]

Posted on: Aug 25 2016


Anti-aging Skin Care Tips For Gorgeous Skin

Good Skin Isn’t All In The Genes Maybe you’ve been blessed with great genes, and that is a factor in how our skin ages, but lifestyle and good skin care also play a big role in how our skin looks as we get older. Who doesn’t want luminous, plump & glowing skin? Changing the way [...]

Posted on: Aug 16 2016


Scar Tissue and Other Issues: Treatment for Capsular Contracture

Patients who have come to our Darien plastic surgery center know that they can expect great results from surgery. They also know we take corrective procedures seriously. Sometimes when a complication arises, a corrective procedure such as breast implant revision surgery is the only way to alleviate pain and improve overall appearance. With that in [...]

Posted on: Aug 5 2016


Lifestyle Changes Before Plastic Surgery Can Improve the Results

Patients who visit our Darien facial cosmetic surgery center know that we take all phases of surgery seriously. This doesn’t just mean the surgery itself and the post-op recovery. We also want to make sure patients are prepared for surgery. In essence, proper healing begins a before a surgery is even performed.Let’s look at a [...]

Posted on: Jul 21 2016


Read Between the Frown Lines: Your Wrinkle Reduction Treatment Options

When patients visit our Darien and Scarsdale facial cosmetic surgery centers , they know that they will receive exceptional care that takes into account their overall appearance as well as their long-term wellness. Anti-aging treatments are about good health, an essential component of looking great. Lines and wrinkles are some of the most common issues [...]

Posted on: Jul 13 2016


Facial Plastic Surgery FAQs

As one of the premier providers of facial cosmetic surgery, board-certified plastic surgeon Fredric Newman attracts patients from throughout the nation to his state-of-the-art practice. Many turn to him with similar questions regarding facial rejuvenation, looking to him for both insightful education and superior surgical results. With the desire so many past patients have had [...]

Posted on: Jul 1 2016


Treatment for Marionette Lines

As you age, you may develop deep creases that run from the corners of the mouth down to the chin. These wrinkles are known as marionette lines, and they can cause patients to feel unhappy with their facial appearance. Dr. Fredric Newman offers effective injectables treatment and facial cosmetic surgery to rejuvenate the face and [...]

Posted on: Jun 9 2016


Shrinking the Gut: Liposuction for the Stomach

Dr. Fredric Newman is a leading cosmetic plastic surgeon who is proud to help people in the Darien, CT and Scarsdale, NY area. He offers numerous surgeries to address the diverse aesthetic problems that people face, from facial plastic surgery procedures to liposuction and other body sculpting options. When it comes to liposuction, the biggest [...]

Posted on: May 13 2016


Smoothing Out Facial Lines: Treatments for Nasolabial Folds

Dr. Fredric Newman has helped countless patients look younger and more refreshed. Serving patients in Darien, CT and Scarsdale, NY, he offers anti-aging facial cosmetic surgery as well as numerous non-surgical skin care options for deep lines and wrinkles. Nasolabial folds can have a negative impact on your looks, so we’d like to consider what [...]

Posted on: Apr 13 2016


What to Expect During the Eyelid Surgery Recovery Process

With the many advanced techniques employed by our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Fredric Newman , the post-operative recovery process from eyelid surgery can be minimal and less painful than ever before. As with any surgical procedure, the exact details of your recovery are dependent on your unique physical anatomy and the extent of treatment; however, [...]

Posted on: Nov 4 2015


Eyelid Surgery Costs

Eyelid surgery, medically referred to as blepharoplasty, can address both cosmetic and functional concerns relating to areas around the eyes. Cosmetic eyelid surgery can reduce wrinkles and bagginess for a smoother, more youthful appearance. Functional blepharoplasty procedures can remove excess skin that may be hanging over your eyes and obstructing your field of vision. The [...]

Posted on: Oct 29 2015


Dr. Newman Honored with Award from Westchester Medical Center Recognizing his 30 Years of Service!

Dr. Fredric Newman has devoted his career to helping people enhance their appearance and improve their self-confidence. His commitment to providing his patients with advanced treatment techniques, compassionate care, and natural-looking results has been a hallmark of his practice for many years. As one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in our area, Dr. Newman [...]

Posted on: Oct 9 2015


Dr. Newman Honored with Award from Westchester Medical Center Recognizing his 30 Years of Service

Dr. Fredric Newman has devoted his career to helping people enhance their appearance and improve their self-confidence. His commitment to providing his patients with advanced treatment techniques, compassionate care, and natural-looking results has been a hallmark of his practice for many years. As one of the most experienced plastic surgeons in our area, Dr. Newman [...]

Posted on: Oct 9 2015


Mommy Makeover Frequently Asked Questions

Mommy Makeovers are some of the more popular procedures available here at the practice of Dr. Fredric Newman. These advanced treatments have helped many women renew their appearance and improve their self-esteem. Below, you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Mommy Makeover procedures. If you would like to schedule [...]

Posted on: Sep 11 2015


What is a Mommy Makeover

With the many gifts that having children and raising them over the ensuing years can bring, most women will agree that being a mother is one of the best jobs in the world. Its also one of the toughest. In fact, many women experience a loss of self-confidence because of the physical changes caused by [...]

Posted on: Sep 4 2015


Welcome to The Aesthetic Surgery Centers New Website

Dr. Fredric Newman and the experienced team here at The Aesthetic Surgery Center would like to welcome you to our new virtual home! This state-of-the-art website will give you a comprehensive tour of our practice and show you why The Aesthetic Surgery Center is one of the top choices for advanced plastic surgery and non-surgical [...]

Posted on: Sep 3 2015


Considering Nose Surgery? Fairfield County Rhinoplasty Surgeon Discusses Risks, Benefits, and Recovery

Dr. Fredric Newman with The Aesthetic Surgery Center explains what patients can expect from rhinoplasty, one of the most frequently performed plastic surgery procedures in the U.S. Darien, CT Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in America. In fact, the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery says nearly 150,000 people had [...]

Posted on: Jun 29 2015


What can I Expect During Recovery from Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty can be a life-changing surgery that renews the appearance of your nose and gives you significantly more confidence in the way you look. This procedure can also correct functional problems, effectively correcting what may have been lifelong nasal breathing issues. With that in mind, its important to remember that rhinoplasty involves major surgery, and [...]

Posted on: Jun 23 2015


What are the Risks and Benefits of Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures available. This treatment can alter the size, shape, and symmetry of your nose, improving harmony among facial features. Nose surgery can also correct common nasal problems such as a deviated septum or issues with the turbinates (structures that add moisture and warmth to the [...]

Posted on: Jun 16 2015


What to Expect in the Recovery from Breast Augmentation

Many breast augmentation patients express concerns about what they will experience in their post-operative recovery. When you come in for your initial consultation, our experienced breast surgeon, Dr. Fredric Newman, makes it a point to go over all aspects of the procedure so you are fully informed and can sufficiently prepare for the recovery period [...]

Posted on: May 13 2015


Benefits of Breast Augmentation Via an Inframammary Incision

Over the years, Dr. Fredric Newmanhas performed countless breast augmentation procedures, providing women with the breast size and shape they have always desired. One of the many aspects of breast augmentation that will be discussed during your initial consultation with Dr. Newman is the best placement for the incisions through which the implants [...]

Posted on: May 6 2015


How Can Breast Implants Change My Appearance?

With the numerous advances made in the field of breast surgery and the composition of breast implants over the years, women today have more choices than ever before. If you are considering breast augmentation, you likely have many questions about how to choose the breast implants that will be best for your needs and goals. [...]

Posted on: Apr 29 2015


Beauty Alliance Event

JOIN US FOR AN EVENING OF BEAUTY! As the new Medical Director to the Andrew Stefanou Salon and Spa, Dr. Newman will be the guest of honor to introduce the newest, most advanced laser technology as well as answering all of your questions regarding a more youthful, revitalized refreshed YOU! When: Wednesday, April 22nd at [...]

Posted on: Apr 13 2015


Dr. Newman Becomes Medical Director of Local Med Spa

As part of his commitment to helping people achieve their aesthetic goals, Dr. Fredric Newman is proud to have been named the Medical Director of The Andrew Stefanou Salon and Spa. The med spa, which is located just around the corner from The Aesthetic Surgery Center, provides a wide range of cosmetic treatments, including facial [...]

Posted on: Mar 12 2015


Dr. Newman Receives 2014 Vitals On-Time Doctor Award

With a commitment to providing patients with the best care possible, our team is proud to announce that Aesthetic Surgery Centers board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Fredric Newman, was recently given The 2014 Vitals On-Time Doctor Award. This award is given to doctors who go above and beyond to make sure patients are seen at their [...]

Posted on: Feb 10 2015


Comprehensive Facial Rejuvenation With Laser Skin Resurfacing

There are many methods available to achieve cosmetic facial enhancement, from minimalist treatments, such as professional skin care products, to dramatic procedures, including facelift surgery and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). One popular approach that typically offers natural-looking, full-face results with little downtime laser skin resurfacingcan also be combined with nearly any modality to provide more comprehensive [...]

Posted on: Jan 9 2015


Start the New Year With More Youthful-Looking Skin

The summer months offer endless opportunities to soak up the sun; however, those UV rays may also cause a great deal of damage to your skin, potentially leaving the surface rough and uneven, as well as creating unwanted areas of pigmentation. Fortunately, the winter season offers an excellent opportunity to refresh the skin for a [...]

Posted on: Jan 5 2015


Treating Cougar Temples with Sculptra Aesthetic

If the area between your eyebrows and your hairlines has a sunken, hollow appearance, you may have what is called cougar temples. Dr. Fredric Newman explains that with age your temples gradually lose volume and develop a depression. Many people are unhappy with the way their aging temples make them look and visit the Aesthetic [...]

Posted on: Nov 4 2014


A Detailed Look Inside the Neck Lift Recovery Period

A major concern of people undergoing a neck lift, or any plastic surgery procedure, is the downtime required following the operation. During a patients consultation at the Aesthetic Surgery Center, Dr. Fredric Newman takes the time to provide a comprehensive overview of what he or she can expect throughout the entire process, including what the [...]

Posted on: Aug 21 2014


The Benefit of Combining a Neck Lift with Facial Rejuvenation

As noted in our recent blog post Three Popular Procedures Often Combined with the Neck Lift, results from a neck lift can often be greatly enhanced with the addition of another cosmetic procedure. In fact, Dr. Fredric Newman reveals that he rarely performs the neck lift as a stand-alone procedure. When patients come to the [...]

Posted on: Aug 14 2014


3 Popular Procedures Often Combined with the Neck Lift

While many stand-alone plastic surgery procedures can provide patients with their ideal results, Dr. Fredric Newman recognizes that in some cases, combining two or more procedures can offer a more natural-looking, balanced outcome and a more comprehensive rejuvenation. The neck lift, for instance, is one procedure that is often very beneficial for patients when done [...]

Posted on: Aug 7 2014


The Lesser Known Solution to Facial Aging

Patients interested in facial rejuvenation often have a specific treatment in mind when they visit the Aesthetic Surgery Center. While our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Fredric Newman, encourages patients to research potential treatments before their surgical consultation, he also explains that the facial evaluation is crucial to understanding a patients best options. As noted in [...]

Posted on: Jun 10 2014


6 Steps to Determining Your Ideal Facial Rejuvenation Procedure

When patients visit the Aesthetic Surgery Center with a desire for facial rejuvenation, Dr. Fredric Newman performs a thorough assessment of their entire face and neck. His personal, six-step approach was developed throughout his years as a plastic surgeon to help patients find the best possible treatment to reach their aesthetic goals. While patients often [...]

Posted on: Jun 3 2014


Ethnic Rhinoplasty Vs. Traditional Rhinoplasty

The rhinoplasty procedure is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries performed each year, but the patients undergoing the procedure continue to change. While the U.S. media often portrays beauty as having more European-based traits, not all patients will look natural with the same nasal shape. Our plastic surgeon, Dr. Fredric Newman, explains that patients [...]

Posted on: Apr 3 2014


The Importance of Ethnic Relevance in a Rhinoplasty

As rhinoplasty surgeries are becoming more popular among various ethnicities, Fredric Newman, MD, our board-certified plastic surgeon, stresses the need to retain the general characteristics of ones ethnicity. This is important because if a person alters the shape of their nose to a certain degree, it might look out of place on their face. Dr. [...]

Posted on: Mar 27 2014


Top 3 Target Areas for BOTOX Injections

As mentioned in our previous blog post entitled How to Tailor BOTOX Cosmetic to Your Needs Dr. Fredric Newman notes how BOTOX Cosmetic is the most popular injectable at his practice. The anti-aging treatment has proven to significantly diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by temporarily relaxing the muscles. While patients request BOTOX [...]

Posted on: Mar 4 2014


How to Tailor BOTOX Cosmetic to Your Needs

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a total of 6.1 million BOTOX injections were performed in the U.S. in 2012, an increase of 8% from the previous year. The popularity of BOTOX Cosmetic is reflected at Aesthetic Surgery Center, as Dr. Fredric Newman notes, the anti-aging treatment is the most common of all [...]

Posted on: Feb 25 2014


Mommy Makeovers: How Long Should I Wait

In our last blog post, we discussed why some women cant eliminate post-pregnancy abdominal bulges and how a mommy makeover may be a good option. In this post, Dr. Fredric Newman discusses the timing of your mommy makeover. Occasionally, women will come into my office seeking a mommy makeover within a year or two of [...]

Posted on: Dec 18 2013


How to Eliminate that Post-Pregnancy Bulge

Our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Fredric Newman, discusses the Mommy Makeover in our latest blog series. The most common complaints and concerns I hear from women seeking out a mommy makeover procedure are lost volume in the breasts, drooping breasts, and a bulge on the stomach that never seems to get flat, regardless of diet [...]

Posted on: Dec 11 2013


Restoring Your Pre-Baby Body with a Tummy Tuck

With pregnancy comes weight gain, and that can often be hard to lose following childbirth. Some women,Dr. Fredric Newman notes, develop a condition called diastasis recti, which occurs when the muscles separate down the middle of the abdomen following childbirth or a c-section. As a result, you may have a bulge in the middle of [...]

Posted on: Oct 30 2013


Combining Liposuction with Abdominoplasty for Enhanced Results

As stated in Dr. Fredric Newmans latest blog post “The Rise of the Tummy Tuck,” abdominoplasty has become an even more popular plastic surgery procedure within the last five to ten years. Not only can the procedure provide significant tightening and firming of the lower abdomen area, but when combined with other procedures, such as [...]

Posted on: Oct 23 2013


The Rise of the Tummy Tuck

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) procedure was the third most popular plastic surgery procedure performed last year, increasing by 4.8% from the previous year. Dr. Fredric Newman explains that, although it wasnt always so common, abdominoplasty has become a highly sought-after cosmetic procedure at his practice. Pregnancy, [...]

Posted on: Oct 15 2013


The Complexities of Revision Rhinoplasty

In our last blog post entitled Revisions Offer Hope for Unhappy Rhinoplasty Patients, Dr. Fredric Newman explains how patients can usually improve poor nose surgery results with a revision rhinoplasty. What he wants you to understand, however, is the complex nature of this secondary nose surgery procedure. Since so many factors vary from patient to [...]

Posted on: Sep 4 2013


Revision Nose Surgery Offers Hope for Unhappy Rhinoplasty Patients

You have recently undergone a rhinoplasty, and the results are nothing like what you expected–now what?Dr. Fredric Newman has helped numerous patients in this exact situation. If youre unhappy with how a rhinoplasty has reshaped your nose, there is still hope! Dr. Newman, a board-certified plastic surgeon, has had extensive training and experience with the [...]

Posted on: Aug 29 2013


Who Can Benefit from Eyelid Surgery?

As they say, Eyes are the windows to the soul. Theyre how we connect and relate to each other. Unfortunately, the eyes are one of the first places to show the effects of aging. An eyelid lift, also known as eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty, is a facial rejuvenation procedure that can be appropriate for people [...]

Posted on: Jul 30 2013


The Potential of Eyelid Surgery

More and more people are turning to eyelid surgery to rejuvenate their appearance with successful results. While women remain the majority of Dr. Newmans blepharoplasty patients, he has seen the number of male patients requesting the procedure almost double. The motivation to have eyelid surgery is often because of under-eye bagginess and puffiness, as well [...]

Posted on: Jul 26 2013


New Beauty

Posted on: Apr 29 2011


Dr. Newman’s Media Appearances

So everybody please meet him. Welcome Dr. Fredric Newman. This morning to talk about a new procedure is Dr. Fredrick Newman. Dr. Newman is a plastic and reconstructive surgeon from Darien. Thank you so much for joining me this morning. So here to tell us what to look out for is Dr. Fredric Newman. Thanks [...]

Posted on: Apr 21 2011


Plastic Surgery – Modern Day Outpatient Procedures

Times have changed in plastic surgery. Fifteen years ago, most surgery, regardless how routine or small the procedure, was performed in the hospital. Now most cosmetic surgical procedures are performed in outpatient surgery centers. Now, even relatively complex and lengthy procedures are performed in outpatient surgery centers. These facilities are sometimes also called ambulatory surgery [...]

Posted on: Apr 11 2011


Cosmetic Surgery Risks

Prior to undergoing plastic surgery, many patients express concern about how much pain they will have during recovery. To address this concern, steps are taken to minimize post-procedure pain. It is difficult to make any surgery totally free of pain. We strive to perform our procedures with minimal pain. This allows patients to be comfortable [...]

Posted on: Apr 11 2011


Cosmetic Surgery: Considering the Costs

Americans spent $10.5 billion dollars on plastic surgery in 2009, according to statistics from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. That was down 20 percent from 2008, as the state of the economy has affected those considering cosmetic surgery. As personal finances improve, this trend will bounce back. People of all ages are beginning [...]

Posted on: Apr 11 2011


Have you been considering Rhinoplasty? Nose Job Information, Prices and more!

Dr. Fredric Newman is one of the nations top Rhinoplasty surgeons. For over 20 years Dr. Newman has been perfecting the art of Rhinoplasty and takes pride in what he does. If you or a friend have been considering getting a nose job or any other Cosmetic Procedure please Contact Marguerite, Dr. Newman’s patient liaison [...]

Posted on: Apr 11 2011


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