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Dr. Fredric Newman’s Credentials

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Dr. Fredric Newman’s Credentials

Practicing out of his convenient location in Darien, Connecticut right outside of New York, Dr. Fredric Newman is an elite cosmetic surgeon who attracts patients from across the U.S. and around the world in part due to his impeccable credentials. Take a look below at some of the highlights of his career.

Career Highlights

Dr. Newman is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and has been practicing for over 30 years.

A graduate of Yale University, Dr. Newman was one of 10 exceptional students in a class of 1,000 to earn the coveted status of Scholar of the House.

Before graduating and later opening his private practice in Connecticut near New York, cosmetic surgeon Fredric Newman worked two jobs during the year and three during the summer in order to pay his own way through medical school–but his grades certainly didn’t suffer. He was one of only four students in his class of 214 to graduate Summa Cum Laude.

While completing medical school, Dr. Newman discovered a neural pathway for serotonin release from the intestines. He published this research as a senior author. He is also an editorial board member for a major cosmetic surgery journal. He is an accomplished author, having written numerous chapters in widely-used plastic surgery textbooks.

Dr. Newman trained in general surgery at Harvard University.

Dr. Newman received training in plastic surgery at the New York University Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery under renowned reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon John Marquis Converse.

He completed a fellowship in facial and breast cosmetic surgery under the late Dr. Ralph Millard, who was regarded as one of the greatest plastic surgeons in the world.

Dr. Newman has held teaching appointments at major medical centers, including Harvard, S.U.N.Y. Downstate, NYU, the University of Miami, New York Medical College, and Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center.

Dr. Newman received his liposuction training from Yves-Gerard Illouz, the so-called ‘father’ of modern liposuction.

Dr. Newman has been featured in many national newspapers, national magazines, and television programs.

With a location in Connecticut right outside of New York, cosmetic surgeon Fredric Newman extends his services to everyone, from the rich and famous to the impoverished. He has also served as the official plastic surgeon of the New York Rangers.

Dr. Newman was the first to perform free flap microsurgical tissue transfers at the University of Miami Medical School.

By inventing several medical devices and obtaining patents, Dr. Newman has given back to the medical community and his patients.

He has also developed an FDA-approved endoscopic device that clears plaque from the arteries and another that a traumatically dissects tissues in plastic surgical and general surgical procedures.

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