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Cosmetic Surgery Risks

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Prior to undergoing plastic surgery, many patients express concern about how much pain they will have during recovery. To address this concern, steps are taken to minimize post-procedure pain.

It is difficult to make any surgery totally free of pain. We strive to perform our procedures with minimal pain. This allows patients to be comfortable from the moment the procedure is complete. Our nurses take care of patients in the recovery room, and provide guidance for when they continue their recuperation at home.

Dr. Newman calls all patients the night of surgery and will see patients for a follow up appointment the day after surgery.

The surgeon, anesthesiologists, nurses, and patient all work together to minimize pain. Each of these individuals has a role in working to minimize post-procedure pain.

It is important for patients to be educated about the procedure and the process that will minimize pain.

Providing patient education before surgery about the procedure and the process of healing is key to help minimize pain.

Using a physician anesthesiologist or nurse anesthetist during every cosmetic procedure, to ensure patient safety and to administer pain and anti-nausea medications during the surgery.

Using gentle tissue handling techniques during plastic surgery, to minimize trauma and resulting pain.

Each patient has one on one care by our Registered Nursing staff that is there to communicate with patients when they first wake before pain begins.

Giving patients prescriptions for narcotics and anti-nausea medicine for their recuperation.

Doing all our procedures in a Nationally, State and Quad A Certified surgery center; (which is the same certification of standard hospital operating rooms) to assure the highest standards in our patient care, safety, medications, sterility, lighting, and equipment.

Applying long-acting local anesthetics to all surgical sites at the end of the procedure, so pain centers are not stimulated during early recuperation.

Remaining in close contact with patients during their recuperation, to make certain their pain is controlled. It is important to stress, however, that even though patients may have very little pain following surgery they must still limit their physical activities so their recovery can proceed without complication.

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