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How Sun Exposure Affects Facial Plastic Surgery Results

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People who come to our Fairfield County plastic surgery practice know that we have a strong reputation for great facial cosmetic surgery results. We focus on performing safe and effective surgery that emphasizes things patients can do pre-op and post-op to improve the results.

Following a facial procedure of any kind, it’s important that patients avoid sun exposure. As you’re about to read, the sun can do a lot more damage than you might have expected.

The Sun Can Damage Your Skin in Multiple Ways

The sun can have a major impact on your overall appearance. Long-term sun exposure can lead to splotchy and spotty pigmentation, issues with skin texture, deeper and more pronounced wrinkles, and other general cosmetic flaws.

After undergoing facial plastic surgery, it’s important that you avoid sun exposure, both in the short term and the long run. As you will find out, sun exposure can have a negative impact on the your recovery and healing experience as well as the overall results of plastic surgery.

Poor Healing and Worse Side Effects After Surgery

Sun exposure in the immediate aftermath of a facial plastic surgery procedure has been shown to increase the severity of side effects. Issues with bruising and swelling tend to be worse after surgery if a patient has prolonged exposure to the sun. The swelling can get very pronounced, as can issues with inflammation. This makes the healing process longer and results in a more problematic recovery.

Scars May Become More Visible

Sun exposure affects the pigmentation of your skin. While a tan may be pleasing to your skin per se, the sun does not favors for scars and incision sites. The sun can make scars more visible and pronounced, darkening the tissue and resulting in unappealing discoloration. It’s ideal to cover up these incision sites and scarred areas from the sun. In some cases, it’s best to keep these parts of your face covered from direct sun exposure for up to a year.

Gradual Sun Damage Can Lead to Future Cosmetic Issues

Even after you’ve healed from surgery, continued sun exposure will lead to the same kinds of problems you underwent cosmetic procedures to avoid. This includes lines and wrinkles, problems with skin texture, discoloration, and other signs of advanced age. Ideally you want to protect your skin after surgery in order to experience lasting facial rejuvenation.

Protecting Your Skin After Surgery

After undergoing facial surgery, be sure to protect your skin from the sun. In the initial healing period, get ample rest and avoid direct sun exposure. Whenever possible, be sure to cover up with a hat with a brim, offering shade to those parts of your face where scars are located.

In the months after surgical healing, continue to cover up those portions of face in the months ahead. A hat with a brim is good, and sunblock will be crucial to prevent issues with discoloration and scarring as the months continue. When possible, try to limit your time directly under the sun. Not only will it affect your face, it can also lead to other issues with your skin’s health and may even affect your vision down the road.

Learn More About Cosmetic Surgery Recovery

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