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You eat healthy and maintain a good weight, your skin is glowing by using all the right anti-aging products, and your hair is looking salon perfect — now what? Maybe you are heading out for date night, a formal function, or just running around town. We provide you with aesthetic services and procedures to look and feel your best, but knowing a few beauty secrets when applying makeup can make all the difference between bland and wow! We have come up with these tips that you can use for even a more gorgeous you!

Beauty Trade Secrets

AVOID CLUMPY MASCARA: You can avoid clumpy mascara by wiping the wand with a tissue prior to application. Your eyelashes will look better with this little trick and you will avoid those thick spider lashes!

SOFTEN AN EXTREME LIPSTICK COLOR: Have a pretty lipstick that you would love to wear but is too bright or extreme for your coloring? Mix the lip color with a little beige colored lipstick and then apply. You can also use your finger or a lip brush to spread it over your lips for a pretty “stained” effect.

GET YOUR FOUNDATION RIGHT: Your foundation color should match your neck color for a seamless look. For a less “caked” look, mix a bit of moisturizer with your foundation. We recommend a moisturizer that also contains a 30+ SPF to protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. After all, you can have all the best makeup, and know all the tricks and techniques, but if you have skin you haven’t taken care of properly, your makeup will not look it’s best. You can’t hide bad skin with makeup!

NO MORE DRY LOOKING MATTE LIPSTICK: Matte lip colors were seen all over the runways, with nude shades and reds being especially popular. The problem with matte lipsticks is that they tend to make your lips look dried out, and if your lips are also chapped, well, the look is even worse! Combat this problem by keeping your lips hydrated. Apply a good chapstick to your lips every night before bed and drink lots of water every day to keep skin and lips moist. To rid yourself of the dry look when using matte shades, apply the lipstick and then blot off lips with a tissue. Apply lip balm over your lips, for lips that are still matte, but have a bit of moisture without being glossy.

BEAUTY ON THE RUN: We live in a world where we are constantly on the go. We rush from work, to errands, to perhaps picking up the kids, to making dinner and going through the bedtime routine. Even with no kids, life is so very hectic for most of us! With that said, it is good to know some quick little things you can do if you are cramped for time! The first tip is to use bronzing powder for one step beauty. It can be mixed with Vaseline and used on lips, eyelids, cheeks and brow bone for a little glow. The second tip we love is making your lipstick perform double duty. You can use your lipstick also as a cream blush in a pinch. This is especially good in the colder, drier months, as it adds a bit of a dewy look to your cheeks. Third, is to use a little brown mascara to cover gray roots in an emergency.

GET MORE INTENSE FOR EVENING MAKEUP: Go from office to date night in a snap by adding more color and definition. Evening makeup should be darker, deeper, and more defined than daytime makeup. This is because typical daytime makeup will not show up in the evening, as lighting is usially much dimmer. Think about doing dark eyeliner and pale lips with a bit of shimmer, or a bright lip color like burgundy or red for that night on the town.

NATURAL LOOKING MAKEUP: For a natural look, makeup artists like to use a concealer to cover imperfections. Then, use a natural blush, a bit of brown mascara and a very sheer lip color. You will enhance your features without looking “made up”.

MAKE EYELINER LAST LONGER: You can make your eyeliner last longer by lining your eyes with pencil and then brushing a powder shadow on top. You can also wet an eyeliner brush and dip it into powdered shadow and apply. Voila, eyeliner that has staying power!

EYESHADOW THAT DOESN’T CREASE: How to get crease free eyeshadow? Primer is your best bet! Make your eyeshadow last by first using a primer (Sephora and Ulta have lots of options). After applying primer, dust a little face powder on your lid to cover any oils. Now you can grab your favorite shadow and know it will be much less likely to crease.

ALWAYS TAP OR BLOW OFF EXCESS: The pros know that excess powdered makeup like eye shadow and blush should be gently blown off (or tap the brush lightly on the edge of the sink) to remove excess for better looking makeup. Remember to always blow or tap away from clothing, as to not deposit color on that fabulous new outfit!

Best tip we know, other than above? Smile! A smile is one of the best tips to looking more beautiful!

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