Read Between the Frown Lines: Your Wrinkle Reduction Treatment Options

  • Posted on: Jul 13 2016
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When patients visit our Darien and Scarsdale facial cosmetic surgery centers , they know that they will receive exceptional care that takes into account their overall appearance as well as their long-term wellness. Anti-aging treatments are about good health, an essential component of looking great.

Lines and wrinkles are some of the most common issues we help patients overcome, and few signs of aging as a pesky as frown lines. Let’s consider some good options for frown line treatment and prevention.

What Are Frown Lines and How Do They Form?

Frown lines refers to the lines that typically appear between the eyes and above your nose when you frown or scowl. Sometimes these lines are accompanied by furrows on the forehead, which are also known as worry lines.

Frown lines and furrows on the forehead form as part of the natural aging process, and they can have a negative affect on a person’s appearance, making him or her appear angry, concerned, or much older than they really are.

Skin Resurfacing for Minor Lines and Wrinkles

If the frown lines and forehead lines are not particularly deep, one common treatment option to consider is skin resurfacing. This include the use of intense light, laser technology, and microdermabrasion. Though these treatments differ, they all involve the removal of a topmost layer of skin in order to promote the growth of softer skin beneath it.

These skin resurfacing techniques are non-surgical and can involve little to no downtime. The treatments are typically low on discomfort and yield excellent results.

Facials and Chemical Peels and Smooth Out Your Skin

Facials and chemical peels are great standbys that improve the texture and appearance of your skin, eliminating wrinkles and leaving you looking much younger in the process.

There are different kinds of facials out there, and the level of the chemical peel that you undergo can be adjusted to meet your needs. During the consultation process, we can determine the precise type of facial and degree of peel that will meet your needs.

BOTOX Cosmetic and Dermal Filler Injections

For more serious issues with frown lines and furrows on the forehead, the use of cosmetic injections may be more ideal. Cosmetic injections take various forms. BOTOX injections, for instance, will prevent muscle contractions in the treatment site, which means that the muscles that cause the furrows and frown lines will cease to contract. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, will add volume to the treatment area, filling in the hollows of the lines and wrinkles.

Like skin resurfacing, cosmetic injections are non-surgical and require no downtime. The results are temporary, but repeated injection treatments can be performed as needed in order to repeat and prolong the anti-aging results.

Tips for Preventing Frown Lines

To treat frown lines, the following prevention tips are recommended:

  • Moisturize regularly and with the right sort of lotion or cream
  • Apply sunblock whenever you go outdoors
  • Wear sunglasses and a hat with a brim to protect your facial skin
  • Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water
  • Eat a healthy diet rich in fresh fruits
  • and vegetables as well as Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Avoid smoking and the use of chewing tobacco

Learn More About Reducing Wrinkles

For more information about your many different treatment options for wrinkle reduction and anti-aging, be sure to speak with an experienced cosmetic plastic surgeon today. We all look forward to your visit and helping you look your best.

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