The Complexities of Revision Rhinoplasty

  • Posted on: Sep 4 2013
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In our last blog post entitled Revisions Offer Hope for Unhappy Rhinoplasty Patients, Dr. Fredric Newman explains how patients can usually improve poor nose surgery results with a revision rhinoplasty. What he wants you to understand, however, is the complex nature of this secondary nose surgery procedure. Since so many factors vary from patient to patient, Dr. Newman must first assess the present condition of the nose before revisional surgery can be performed while considering the following:

  • How the nose has been affected by previous surgery
  • Functional problems with breathing
  • Aesthetic issues
  • How many surgeries have been done previously

Our experienced, board-certified plastic surgeon has seen patients who have had anywhere from two to seven previous rhinoplasties. If there isnt enough cartilage left resulting from the many surgeries, he will need to take separate cartilage (such as from the ear) or even synthetic grafts. What makes the revision rhinoplasty procedure so difficult, though, is the scar tissue caused by previous surgeries. Dr. Newman says this typically causes a longer recovery period with more swelling.

Despite the complexities of the surgery, a revision rhinoplasty can correct a number of problems created by past surgeries, working to enhance a patients appearance and restore nasal function. The procedure can be an excellent way to help patients who are dissatisfied with a previous nose surgery attain results more in line with their original goals.

If you would like to learn how a revision rhinoplasty can improve your rhinoplasty results, please schedule a consultation with Dr. Newman today!

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