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Trans Facial Masculinization Surgery in Darien

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Male facial features appear chiseled and defined. While testosterone hormone therapy is the first line of treatment for male transgender patients, it is often not enough to fully replicate traditional male facial features.

Many of our patients come to us seeking facial masculinization surgery in Connecticut, order to achieve a masculine face structure when HRT has failed to produce adequate results. While trans male hormonal therapy can be effective to a degree by making soft tissue appear more defined and angular, it is not possible to alter the underlying bone structure without surgery. If you are a transgender female-to-male patient that is struggling to assume a masculine gender role, trans-FMS surgery can help.

The Importance of Facial Masculinization in Gender Identity

Your face is often the first thing people notice about you. It cues the outside world to make assumptions about your gender identity. This can certainly be frustrating for trans males that were born with feminine facial features.

Choosing to undergo masculinization face surgery can help signal a trans male’s preferred gender to others in public settings, making gender transformation significantly easier. The Aesthetic Center has helped many transgender patients reveal their true selves with facial masculinization surgery.

Trans Facial Masculinization Surgery in Darien

What Does Facial Masculinization Surgery Entail?

FMS surgery permanently alters the size and shape of the patient’s facial features in order to appear more masculine. We accomplish this by listening to your needs and creating a surgical plan that enhances your appearance according to your personal definition of masculinity.

With 20+ years of surgical experience, the caring and knowledgeable surgeons at The Aesthetic Center take a personalized approach to ensure you are happy with the results of surgery. We offer forehead lengthening, rhinoplasty, cosmetic chin surgery, jaw contouring, cheek augmentation, and more. Whether you are seeking a dramatic transformation or subtle enhancement, our highly trained medical experts can help.

Our Experienced Surgeons Combine Artistry & Science for Exceptional Results

The surgeons at The Aesthetic Center are passionate about helping trans patients that wish to alter their appearance. Cosmetic facial surgery has a high patient satisfaction rating, with nearly all transgender patients reporting increased confidence regarding their gender identity after treatment.

For Connecticut FTM transgender patients that are thinking about getting cosmetic surgery, the first step is choosing a qualified surgeon that understands the differences in male and female facial anatomy. To complement our training and experience, our private, state-of-the-art surgical facility in Darien, CT, just a short distance from New York, provides a safe and comfortable setting for all transgender patients.

Our facility is both nationally accredited and state licensed. We understand that choosing to get FMS is an important decision in the gender transformation journey. Marrying the latest surgical techniques with the hands of skilled artisans, our carefully vetted, tight-knit team of Connecticut plastic surgeons aims to deliver transgender patients from all walks of life with natural-looking results.


Surgical facial enhancement allows male transgender patients to assert their gender identity to the world. If you are concerned by facial features that appear “too feminine”, FMS surgery may be the right choice. The surgery is popular among transgender men that were assigned female at birth (AFAB).

Non-binary people may also seek surgical intervention to reduce female facial features and/or increase masculine ones, achieving a face that is more compatible with a gender-neutral identity. If you are thinking about FMS surgery, a no-obligation consultation with the plastic surgeons at The Aesthetic Center is an excellent tool to help you decide if FMS is the right gender-affirming surgery for you.

Testosterone is a hormone that has a great deal of influence on producing masculine facial features. Genetic variations also play a major role in regard to the gender patients were assigned at birth.

Masculine faces differ from feminine faces in several subtle ways. For example, men tend to have longer and more angular faces, a prominent brow ridge, a defined, square jawline, straighter eyebrows, and a more powerful chin than females. FMS can address multiple areas if needed.

Whether you have one or two facial features that concern you, or you are not quite sure what you would like changed in order to appear more masculine, our surgeons will be pleased to guide you every step of the way.

Trained in facial anatomy and the latest facial reconstructive techniques, we will create a plan that is tailored to your individual cosmetic goals. Our passion for excellence ensures that every trans patient is in good hands, not only leading up to surgery but for a lifetime.

If you are considering plastic surgery in Fairfield County or anywhere in Connecticut, contact us to schedule a one-on-one consultation with one of our expert plastic surgeons.

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